In a state of rage

February 4, 2007

Why is there an urge to crush some neck and toss them off the window from 113th floor or even the Empire state building, just to see them fall.

Why is anger so vicious and dangerous? Yes, everyone faces disappointment, but does everyone has murderous tendencies or is it just me?

I don’t know if my methods to calm down anger have failed miserably this time, but have they ever helped me sort out the extra-unnecessary gush of emotions, oh yes – tainted destructive ones.

Is it righteous anger or is there some sort of monster sprawling from within, and I fail to control it and let it take all over me, and behave in the worst ever man, in the history of humanity. I had no idea, I would ever behave this ugly. Yes, no matter there are certain levels of justification I can plead, I have nothing in my defence for such poor conduct.

Its not like I enjoy being angry or it is some sort of sadistic pleasure, that I exude yelling at people in disgusted tones with huffs and puffs. It does point out, how little I am, or I could always break my record over it.

Yes, coming to replay it, and as everything falls into place, I feel timid, sad and foolish. My anger was so uncalled for. Yes, people do really get pissed off, get mad but its rather it is kept tucked in, under layers of etiquette and social looking-good.

You scumbag, want to shut up, or I’ll have to drunk-box you with Limpbizkit in mind?

What happened to the appy that disappointed me

Check out, what happened to this poor little pack of Apple juice.

Yes, it can get pretty ugly. Hopefully it doesn’t stay for long, and I find ways to went my anger, and get rid of this fleeting emotion that takes over me and ruins my reality.