From then to now

April 4, 2013

I have always wondered if all the things we learn, we practice and we consume are following a mysterious cycle, where the retro kicks back in and modern takes the backseat, and are they interchangeable?

I would have no clue as to how it is in the fashion world, though my insignificant efforts to keep up to the norms set by the supreme bible, most would agree to our friend here, GQ.

Like the boot-cuts and skinny fits that were big in the 80s(Or, what era was it?) are back and them lose baggies are thought to be clumsy. I cant know if they’ll make a comeback – would we still take it up?

The same way, I felt about moving to Coimbatore, where most natives arguably consider that this is the best little place on earth that is unmatched by whatever urbanisation and advancement elsewhere. Resorting to the old ways, ‘Sometimes only the old ways work’ – Bond. James, Bond had once taught us at somewhere in the wilderness of bitter-beautiful Scotland.

Not that the rural outskirts of Coimbatore have anything to compare with rural Scotland, and most definitely not the pristine glacier melt water.

The mindset of most people in rural surrounding is that of simple means. They are all content with their TVs and cable networks, not that they can’t watch CNN-IBN or TV5, but would resort to watching their local folk dancing in Sun, Jaya, Raj and (add digital, plus and news to everything) kind of channels. And would never ever dare to explore outside their comfort zone. Not all but for a few exceptions who I am proud of.

But surprisingly, they are not uncomfortable discussing new things and learning from the people who’ve lived in the cities and know their way around most technical day to day things. This could almost welcome and spur the change from people to leave their busy lifes living through congestion and chaos of the city and move to calm and serene surroundings, where life moves slow and you know everyday that you live through. Who’d know the next big thing would be to live in a village and grow wheat.