Picking up everything, from where I had planned to be for the next 5 years.
But situation demands that I move from Chennai to Coimbatore.

It feels like its possibly living in 2006 of Chennai, was it Madras then? Oh, Madras. How they massacred a beautiful name that ringed bells in the ears of the charmers and Victorians.
How Madras was a beautiful word to mention anything south in India. Like, “Oh, you’re from Madras aa…” would always make you feel safe, because they knew exactly where you came from.

Coimbatore is not bad, its early in its element, more like a toddler learning to toddle – if that were a right term to use.

Its often what make of these things, not of what we assume of them. My boss’ favorite words are from this Nic Cage movie, what’s that? “Con-something”, oh yes! “Con-Air”. Don’t ask me if I’ve watched it, I have NOT, and am willing to do it without any popcorn or meat. Yes, he says, “Waseem, Assumption is the mother of all fuckups”, haha!
I most certainly don’t refuse to accept it, because it is the truth. Well, coming from a Cardiac surgeon who everyday holds peoples life like a flickering candle, we cannot not choose to believe him.

So, my journey in Coimbatore starts.