In slow motion

June 19, 2008

Everything around, pacing at the speed of metropolitan. Just like people’s lives were running out of time. Deadlines, Last dates, countdowns – Its like, of all the thing we’re short of. Time isn’t your companion anymore. Time teaches you, will tell, ga-ga is for grandpa and his associates.

As we’re speeding by, there’s this sudden deceleration, sudden gush of emotion, sudden urge to hold something, sudden want – the minute you listen the track ‘Life in Technicolor’.

That’s something about Coldplay. They have a tendency to play with your mind. From ecstatic to content calm; from drowsy to thumping.

Someone once liked me, because I invoked all emotions in ’em. Probably, that’s exactly how things work. The more you give, the more you’re wanted. But, then you decide to absent yourself, and deal with solitude, and you almost always have a substitute.

This phenomenon of being at that place, space, time, person and enjoying it to the most. Till it lasts. Ah, intoxication. Yes, the giggle isn’t there in your life. But, then how often do you know that he/she even thinks about it.

and in the end, we lie awake and dream of our escape.

I don’t know, if all of you never did feel this before. Its not good in the beginning, interesting soon, a way of life; later.

There could be Sitars and Harmoniums playing in the background, and cotton candy in the air. But, only if you’re absorbed in the moment, only will you decipher. Caught up in slow motion, that is.