Life goes slow

March 16, 2007

I go nowhere,

Slowing down, watching everyone pasting by,

Is this a curse, or a divine sigh?

Is this he, or is that just me?

Am I making sense or is it that insatiable plee.

Thoughts, I refrain to fathom,

Events, I neglect to confer,

Notions, I ignore to infer,

This plight of pain, seeking a touch of delight,

Losing the sense of time,

Waiting for the wind to mime,

Thinking about things when I walk around,

With all that memories and talks surround,

With tears of joy and fears so coy:

If I had the slightest intuition;

A gut feeling. A foresight. The faintest idea.

As the world as it could be.

All around me, wishing it would snow,

Singing a song, with a heavy heart, pleading for Life to go slow.