Painting a moment…

December 28, 2006

I’m not a nice person, to begin with. Like my Blog title says Irrational Chauvinist, which I am. But some people do make a mark in me, and it is not so easy to see a long face, spread wide across.

So, why the ‘I don’t care a thing?!‘ even takes a wild guess to do something here? I’m not bloating my ego, or matching up to a ‘Compassionate Soul’ part. If only somebody stood there in silence and noticed me, and not said – ‘Lad, you’re complicated’. No, I’m not even close to the Avril Lavigne’s definition of ‘Complicated’.

I took a wild guess, and then settled to crack jokes. If only the person has an extraordinary sense of humour to appreciate my jokes, that is. It pretty much is mostly screwed.

I took another wild guess, and talking-to-someone I thought. If only, words just expressed everything, it’d help – I exclaimed.

Lets not depend on other people, lets settle for some ‘melody’, I thought. Played some Music, some romantic lullabies, irking rock and unpalatable hip-hop as well. It still remained the same. What here occurred to me is that, it is just not Music that affects the way one feels, it depends on the listener and it adds to the ambiance, most of the time. Unless he/she is a worshipper of Jimi Hendrix, and exclaims Music a religion. Well, that did not resort to my need.

Crosswords, I winked. The first word across, landed me in shit load of unpalatable emotions. So wild, that I tore the newspaper, and stabbed it again and again with the weapon mightier than the sword, The Pen.

Sleep, Chocolates, Biscuits, Wrigley’s Spearmint, Michael Flately’s Riverdance, Jessica Alba’s dances, Beyonce’s bikini, Jogging, and evening Sleeping had no positive effect, but seemed to escalate it.

I then declared, I was inefficient to be happy. Happiness isn’t my thing, it just isn’t. “Nothing is going to help you,dude!”, is exactly what I told myself.

…I was just loafing around the Internet(The Lord, bless it!), and I landed in YouTube. Watched this . God bless this man, who came up with this. He deserves something, an honour something like the Nobel Peace Prize, maybe?

This video, didn’t put a smile on my face. It did something to me, I jumped off my chair, like a drunk stallion on a hurdle. Tears broke down like an overflowing dam, and a cry that coughed my lungs out!

Then, I analyzed my easiest target, my domestic reptilian monster – my sister(She’s someone who can throw a tantrum, wreck a potential havoc, and still wear a mask of innocence) Hours earlier, I had yelled at her for scribbling on my door and the cycle of blaming myself occurred.

The moment, I felt those little arms wrapped around me in encomium, I knew this is one of that moments – I’d remember before a last few breaths I’d take before, I depart home.