…not that I’ve a fanbase waiting for me to ink what’s happening in my head, but to do justice to myself. I’m a strict believer of expressing one’s opinion, so I am exercising it?

Crawling like a cockroach, gloating like a goat, and praying like a mantis is nothing that I am. I do not occur in the bandwidth extending from Gothicness or to Oh-so-cool spectrum.

I don’t require a formal introduction, for people who need to know, who this is – already do. I wouldn’t necessarily match to the title of this Blog so-very-often.

— Now, that you’re crossing this line, I’d extend my heartfelt warm hospitality —


Welcome to my Blog, where I express what I see, what I fathom. If you’ve got anything to say, you should do it right away, I appreciate both positive and negative feedback (Usual, ga ga!)

Hope you enjoy yourself, reading this. If not, don’t sue me – I’m a horrible entertainer.